Our plugins:

The plugins that SBDevelopment has made (so far)!


A plugin which gives you a Status Menu for in your Amusement park! And, if you purchase the Plus version, you get more functions!


A plugin that allows you to use a complete computer in your Minetopia server. With a news page, a mail system and more!


A plugin that let's you make realistic elevators in Minecraft, with floors, doors and ropes for emergency!

Our paid plugins:

You have to pay for this plugins to use it!

ThemePark Hotel Add-On

Create hotels and rental rooms in your ThemePark server.

ThemePark Ridecount Add-On

Show the ridecount of an attraction on itemframes.


Create pictures of people in-game.

ThemeParkPlus Extended

Extra essentials for your ThemePark server!