A small company specialized in Minecraft and Website development.

Minecraft plugins

We make all kinds of plugins, simple and complicated. We also sell pre-made plugins for your server!


We make all kinds of websites, for small businesses, for Minecraft servers, etc. Give us a design and we'll make something beautiful!


Do you need anything made in Javascript? Like a Discord bot, a Rest API, or something else? We can make it for you.

Our products

We have made some cool plugins for your server!


ThemePark is our largest plugin series, with both free and paid features. With this plugin you can create a Status menu in Minecraft. And with the paid versions you can control a lot more, like controlling attractions on a website!


ActionFoto allows you to create pictures of people in-game. It's based on the real MaxiPhotoâ„¢ system. You can create images easy, and show them on itemframes at for example the exit.


V10Lift is a plugin that let's you create elevators in Minecraft. You can add floors, doors, status signs, and many more cool things. They ride like a realistic elevators!

Our PAID products

Some of the paid plugins we sell on our site

Extra essentials for your ThemePark server!
0,95 0,85
Create hotels and rental rooms in your ThemePark server.
Show the ridecount of an attraction on itemframes.
Minecraft Plugins
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"The product works well and you get good service."
"Really great! Fast support, and for this price really good! Big 5 stars!"
"Its awesome. For this price it can do so many things. It fits perfect in every themepark and is super cheap."
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