Who are we?

Stijn - SBDeveloper

Hello! I'm Stijn and I'm the official owner of SBDevelopment. I started with making Spigot plugins for SBDevelopment in 2017.

Thomas - ParadoxPixel

I'm Thomas. An enthusiastic Developer who likes to develop things and to please people with this.

Wesley - Oom_Dagobert

Hi, I'm Wesley. A passionate designer who likes to be creative. I make designs for SBDevelopment.

Which coding languages do we use?


The main language we code in is Java. We use the SpigotMC API for our plugins.


Also we use the Web Development Languages, like HTML, Javascript, PHP and more. We use this languages to make panels for our plugins.


The last language we use is NodeJS. We use this to make bots for our plugins (and our Discord) with Discord.js.


We are working on some things in GoLang. Those things aren't ready yet, but we decided to post the language on this list anyway.

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