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About us

SBDevelopment is a small company specialized in Minecraft plugin and Website development.

We use languages like Java, HTML, Golang and many more to create beautiful products. We sell these products on our site.

Our products:

Some of the products we made (so far).


ThemePark, and all the related products, is a plugin that let's you create a Status Menu in your Minecraft server. The Plus packages contain even more cool stuff, like an online panel to control your rides!


ActionFoto is a plugin that let's you create pictures of players in a ride. It's based on the MaxiPhoto system used in real-life. It displays the created pictures on itemframes, for example on the exit of a ride.


V10Lift is a plugin that let's you create realistic elevators in Minecraft. You can build your own cabin, and the plugin will do the rest. You can add floors, doors, input buttons, and many more. The elevators move realistic up- and down.

Our paid products:

Essentials for your ThemePark server!
Create pictures of people in-game.
Extra essentials for your ThemePark server!
Show the ridecount of an attraction on itemframes.