Maak foto's van spelers in-game.

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Maak foto's van spelers in-game.
What can you do with ActionFoto?
The plugin pastes multiple layers of images (a skin, a background, an overlay, …) on one image and then pastes it into an itemframe. You can customize everything the plugin does, so you can change all the layers and even add multiple players into one itemframe.
  • /af info
  • /af help
  • /af reload
  • /af create <Name>
  • /af addframes <Name>
  • /af take <Name> <Player>
  • /af reset <Name> <FrameNumber/all>
  • /af remove <Name>
  • AF.admin – The general admin perm
  • AF.give – The give command perm
You will get a license key for 1 server. Each license key is valid for 1 year and can be renewed for free.
Ideas, tips, bugs etc.? Contact SBDeveloper on his Discord.