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Create hotels and rental rooms in your ThemePark server.

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TP Hotel Add-on
Create hotels and rental rooms in your ThemePark server.
The pre-order is started now! It will be released on 09-10-2020 around 14:00 CEST.
Wat kan je met deze add-on doen?
You can create hotels and rooms, and sell those rooms to the players of your server for a price. The rooms contain a self-cleaning system, so they will reset if the room expires, and the player will get his items back.
  • /tph info – Gives you information about the plugin.
  • /tph help – Gives you the command list.
  • /tph reload – Reload the plugin.
  • /tph create <HotelID> – Create a new hotel, and create the region for it.
  • /tph delete <HOtelID> – Remove a hotel.
  • /tph addfloor <HotelID> <Floor> – Add a new floor to a hotel.
  • /tph removefloor <HotelID> <Floor> – Remove a floor from a hotel.
  • #SOON
  • #SOON
  • ThemePark
  • The latest version of WorldEdit & WorldGuard for your server version
  • Vault
Je krijgt een licentiecode voor 1 server. Elke licentiecode is 1 jaar geldig en kan gratis worden verlengd.
Ideeën, tips, bugs etc.? Neem contact op met SBDeveloper in zijn Discord.

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  1. Stan (geverifieerde eigenaar)

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    Don’t have it yet

    • admin (store manager)

      I’m working on this plugin right now. Unfortunately, some things have been added that have caused some delays. I hope to have it all completed soon.

    • Stan (geverifieerde eigenaar)

      Don’t worry bout it mate

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