ThemeParkPlus Extended

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Extra benodigdheden voor je ThemePark server!


You buy the Webhosting, domain and MC server and we install your panel(s)!

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ThemeParkPlus Extended
Extra benodigdheden voor je ThemePark server!
What is ThemeParkPlus Extended?
It is a package that contains multiple features and plugins.
  • ThemeParkPlus -> This plugin gives you in-game functions, like turn on/off lamps, opening/closing gates, Fastpass rows, a waiting time system and more.
  • ThemeParkConnector -> This plugin connect the panels with the server. It also adds functions like a ridecount system and a show system.
  • ThemeParkPanel -> You can create accounts on the panel, and then check the ride statusses on a panel, buy tickets for a show, buy things in your shop (you need something like Tebex for this) and do much more. It also includes an admin panel where you can change some settings, add shows, and more.
  • Extended only! ThemeParkPanelPlus -> You can control your rides on a panel! Click on the buttons, and the server will run a command. Everything is customizable.
  • Extended only! ThemePark Hotel Add-on -> You will get this plugin for FREE. See the plugin page for more information.


  • A webserver, with MySQL database and mailing service (SMTP).
  • ThemePark
  • Vault
  • /themeparkplus opengate <World> <X> <Y> <Z> [ARG 1] [ARG 2] – This command opens a gate.
  • /themeparkplus closegate <World> <X> <Y> <Z> – This command closes a gate.
  • /themeparkplus lampon <World> <X> <Y> <Z> [Seconds on] – This command will turn on a redstone lamp.
  • /themeparkplus lampoff <World> <X> <Y> <Z> – This command will turn off a redstone lamp.
  • /themeparkplus lampson <World> <X1> <Y1> <Z1> <X2> <Y2> <Z2> [Seconds on] – This command will turn on all the redstone lamps in the region.
  • /themeparkplus lampsoff <World> <X> <Y> <Z> – This command will turn off all the redstone lamps in the region.


  • /tpc reload – Reload the plugin.
  • /tpc ridecount <Attraction ID> <Selector> – Add one ride count to a/multiple player(s).
  • /tpc redeem <Voucher> – Redeem a voucher for a show.
  • /tpc state <Attraction ID> <Button ID> <State ID> – Change the state of a button for an attraction at the online panel.
      ThemeParkConnector permissions will be added soon.
      • ThemeParkPlus.OpenGate – The opengate command permission
      • ThemeParkPlus.CloseGate – The closegate command permission
      • ThemeParkPlus.LampOn – The lampoff command permission
      • ThemeParkPlus.LampOff – The lampoff command permission
      • ThemeParkPlus.CreateFPSign – The fastpass sign create permission
        Je krijgt een licentiecode voor 1 server. Elke licentiecode is 1 jaar geldig en kan gratis worden verlengd.
        Ideeën, tips, bugs etc.? Neem contact op met SBDeveloper in zijn Discord.

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        1. Ruben Zwanenburg (geverifieerde eigenaar)

          Goeie plugin! Had alleen gevraagt op support helaas is deze later gekomen dan afgesproken 🙁

        2. Jebsi (geverifieerde eigenaar)

          Looks awesome on a Website. Nice Designe and nice Minecraft features. I am happy that I buyed it

        3. Myron Quispel (geverifieerde eigenaar)

          Echt een top plugin krijg er ook goeie support voor ben erg tevreden met heel themepark Thomas en Stijn TOI TOI TOI <3

        4. WalyCube Direction (geverifieerde eigenaar)

          Ingenious plugin, easy to use and configure

        5. Anonymous (geverifieerde eigenaar)

          Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

          Product didn’t work like expected, support was little to none.

          • admin (store manager)

            We’re sorry you didn’t like our product.

            Unfortunately, we haven’t seen you ask for support anywhere. The solution is often simple, such as a license that is set incorrectly.

        6. Stan (geverifieerde eigenaar)

          Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

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