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The future of Minecraft ThemePark software!

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The future of Minecraft ThemePark software!
What is ParkPlusMC?
It is a package that contains multiple features in a single plugin. You can expect:
  • Online panel without the need to install anything
  • Almost no need to change files since most can be changed through commands or the easy panel interface
  • Attraction status and operation
  • Waypoints (kinda like an information point that pops up when you’re in range)
  • See connected and online players on the panel
  • Operator panel configuration tool
  • Easy to use API to get all the data you might want/need
  • Set permission roles to grant access to certain parts of the panel

Take a look at ThemeParkPlus if you want more customization but almost the same features.


  • There are no requirements! That is the comfort and power of the ParkPlusMC system.

You can use /parkplus or /pp

  • General:
  • /pp help [page] – Show the help menu
  • /pp menu – Open the menu
  • /pp status – Show the status data of the plugin
  • /pp debug – Write the last 50 debug messages into a log file
  • /pp accept – Accept the terms and conditions of using the plugin and panel
  • Server to Panel:
  • /pp notification <selector> <title> <message> – Send a notification message to a selection of clients
  • Region:
  • /pp region list [page] – Print a list of regions
  • /pp region create <id> <name> – Create a region
  • /pp region name <id> <name> – Change the region’s name
  • /pp region remove <id> – Delete a region
  • Attraction:
  • /pp attraction list [page] – Print a list of attractions
  • /pp attraction create <id> <region_id> <name> – Create an attraction
  • /pp attraction region <id> <region_id> – Change the attraction’s region
  • /pp attraction name <id> <name> – Change the attraction’s name
  • /pp attraction cover <id> <url> – Change the attraction’s cover image
  • /pp attraction description <id> <message> – Change the attraction’s description
  • /pp attraction status <id> <status> – Change the attraction’s status
  • /pp attraction remove <id> – Delete an attraction
  • Status:
  • /pp status name <id> <name> – Change the name of a status
  • /pp status color <id> <color> – Change the color of a status
  • /pp status hex_color <id> <hex_color> – Change the color of a status on the panel
  • /pp status material <id> <material> – Change the material of a status
  • /pp status teleport <id> <true/false> – Change if you can teleport with a status
  • Permissions:
  • /pp permission list [page] – Show the list of permission levels
  • /pp permission info <level> – Show the information of a permission level
  • /pp permission create <id> <level> <permission> – Create a permission level
  • /pp permission grant <level> <type> – Grant a permission to a permission level
  • /pp permission revoke <level> <type> – Revoke a permission from a permission level
  • /pp permission can <level> <type> – See if a permission level has a permission for something
  • /pp permission remove <level> – Remove a permission level
  • Operator:
  • /pp operator state <attraction> <item> <state> – Change the state of an operator item
  • Ridecount:
  • /pp ridecount get <attraction_id> <player> – Get the ridecount of the day of an attraction for a player
  • /pp ridecount add <attraction_id> <selector> <amount> – Add ridecount to an attraction for a player
  • License:
  • /pp license link <license> – Link a license to your account
  • /pp license unlink – Unlink the license from your account
  • /pp license check – Check if you have a license connected to your account
  • /pp license register sbd <license> – Register your SBDevelopment license from ParkPlusMC so it can be used
  • parkplus.admin – give you access to all the commands


Legal: These are additional documents that apply only to ParkPlusMC
Terms of Service:
Privacy Statement:
You will get a license key for 1 server. Each license key is valid for 1 year and can be renewed for free. There’s no need to renew an already registered license.
Ideas, tips, bugs etc.? Contact ParadoxPixel on the SBDevelopment Discord.